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The financing will also be used to remove obstructions to create clearer more navigable airspace, as well as to design an access road.
Unfortunately, as the number of wind farms multiplied, this solution proved problematic as navigable airspace quickly shrunk.
T]he taking of aerial photographs of an industrial plant complex from navigable airspace is not a search prohibited by the Fourth Amendment.
characterizing navigable airspace as a "public highway" for
Since the FAA delegated control of the navigable airspace around Travis
that encroach into navigable airspace, presenting a threat to aircraft safety.
navigable airspace nearly 40 years ago, FAA now asserts that it may assign the use of that airspace using its general property management authority.
In its recently published report on the county's proposed airport plan, the FAA found that while the airport operations could be conducted in a safe manner, it was not the most efficient use of navigable airspace.
The navigable airspace above it is owned by the federal government, which has the exclusive authority to write regulations governing the aviation environment, including airports.
If the police are traveling in a public thoroughfare or in navigable airspace, they are not required to shield their eyes when passing by a home or yard.
Part of the process to approve the ALP includes a detailed review and analysis of the anticipated effects that the proposed civilian reuse of the base would have on the existing navigable airspace in the vicinity of the airport.
200) Some courts have held that compensation is due whenever a height restriction sets aside non navigable airspace for airport uses.