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A navigationally action efficient web site is one where its users are able to quickly get to information they desire or one where they will quickly discover that the information is not there.
These tables of contents help to make the hyperlinks more understandable and navigationally helpful.
No-one should suspect Waseige is navigationally challenged.
We can actually use what in physics is called an event cone to map possible prior and future icon-events that might have a "causal" or navigationally sequential relationship with a particular icon-event in the present.
They are navigationally cumbersome, asking users to go to the "other end of town" to pick up their email from the Post Office, and interactionally cumbersome, overloading users with additional windows and other interface elements necessitated by the metaphor but not by the user's task.
Although it may indeed be useful to think of the biological function of human colour vision as the recovery of the spectral reflection of surfaces, the colour vision systems of other species may be more concerned with detecting predators and prey by their contrast with a transmissive medium, or the identification of potential mates, or exploiting navigationally useful ultraviolet gradients of the sky.
The Committee continues to be concerned with NOAAs slow progress in reducing the backlog of hydrographic surveys for navigationally significant waters.
The problem was that the sea route to Port Moresby was navigationally very difficult, due to reefs and other obstacles; the barges would have to travel far from the shore.
An intranet needs to be designed, both aesthetically and navigationally, to facilitate the creation of information and messages from the body of facts that reside on servers and in databases.