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1 MT potato per hecrte of land where NEB has been used.
During the last five years, students with degrees from other countries held a number of protests against the council and alleged that the council was involved in corruption and nepotism during NEB exams.
Prior to beginning construction in these areas, the company must satisfy all applicable NEB pre-construction conditions.
This Commentary looks at whether the NEB is "broken" by evaluating its performance against six recognized attributes of an effective and efficient regulator, including: independence, conflict-of-interest protection, transparent and inclusive processes, performance management and adaptability, capacity, and enabling factors.
In 2009, the NEB directed all pipeline companies to begin setting aside abandonment funds.
He said the meeting also decided that all students shall appear in the NEB examination conducted by PMDC after award of degree from Cuba.
NEB inspectors doubled their compliance monitoring activities, performing audits, inspections and investigations.
The company operates several scrap handling machines at both its Columbus and Kearney, Neb.
The stated reason for the sale of NEB was that Marsha King, who oversaw management of the brewery and restaurant, wanted to spend more time with her family.
TRW will help the Air Force Weather Agency maintain its role as the operator's top choice for aerospace weather information," said Al Ronn, TRW's AFWA SEMS program manager in Omaha, Neb.
In this sphere, the activity of the NEB led to the creation of several new private venture-capital providers.
Under this test, the NEB allegedly ensured that gas exports were of net benefit to Canadians -- that is, that their benefits to the country outweighed their costs.