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Death of a cell or group of cells under either normal or pathologic conditions.
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the change that occurs in a cell prior to cell death. Necrobiosis is linked with metabolic disturbances that may lead to fatty degeneration or to other types of degeneration in the cell. These degenerative changes can be reversible. The most typical symptoms of necrobiosis are changes in the cell nucleus, such as karyopyknosis, karyorrhexis, and karyolysis; disturbances in the viscosity of the cytoplasm; an abnormal staining reaction; and disorganization of the enzyme systems of the cell, which leads to cellular autolysis.

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These are Tuberculous granulomas, Lepromatous granulomas, Foreign Body granulomas, Necrobiotic granulomas, Suppurative granulomas, Sarcoidal granulomas and Xanthgranulomas/ malakoplakia.
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It consists of seventeen Arabic star names expanded like acronyms into short, acrostic aphorisms (for example, Gienah becomes "Gide, in extremis, necrobiotic, Almost hegelian").
(echinocytic RBCs, spherocytes, and necrobiotic leucocytes).
Exposure to 3h anesthesia resulted in focally more extensive corneal injuries such as degenerative and necrobiotic alterations in outer wing cells denuded after superficial cell loss (Figure 1(b), C, G).
Histologic analysis demonstrated a palisading, necrobiotic granulomatous dermatitis with increased interstitial mucin (highlighted by colloidal iron stain shown in inset) consistent with granuloma annulare (Figure 3).
Variations of enzyme activities in the hemocytes of scallop Chlamys farreri after infection with the acute virus necrobiotic virus (AVNV).
In rheumatoid patients, nodular lung disease in the form of necrobiotic ("rheumatoid") nodules can be encountered.
It is characterized by necrobiotic changes in the dermis that extend down to the perichondrium; associated alterations are seen in the cartilaginous plate.
-- Necrobiotic xanthogranuloma with paraproteinemia is a paraneoplastic disorder characterized is a paraneoplastic disorder characterized by progressive development of widespread nodules and plaques with ulceration and central atrophy.
Moreover, the renal tubular epithelia showed marked necrobiotic changes with extensive proteinous cast accumulation in their lumina.