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neem tree

neem tree or margosa tree, a fast-growing broad-leaved evergreen, Azadirachta indica, native to India and Myanmar. Its extracts have been used for centuries in Asia as pesticides, toothpaste, medicines, and health tonics. The tree itself is used in reforestation projects in hot, dry regions. In this century, knowledge of the neem tree has spread to the West, where it has been hailed as a “wonder plant.” Neem-based pesticides have been developed, and the potential health uses of chemicals extracted from the tree are being studied.


See the National Research Council report Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems (1992).

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Juss (Meliaceae) is an indian tree, commonlycalled the neem tree. It has many useful compounds that act as insecticide.
In fact, a variety of extracts obtained from seed, bark and leaf of the neem tree have been successfully investigated as environmentally acceptable bioinsecticides used in crop protection [8] and control of mosquito's larvae [9].
The Neem tree has been used for centuries by Indians for its medicinal insecticidal and contraceptive properties and is known locally as the "free tree." It is also venerated in the culture, religions, and literature of the region.
In the Part B "Pesticides", for Azadirachtin extracted from Azadirachta indica (Neem tree) and Lime sulphur (Calcium polysulphide), use restrictions have been removed and replaced by a general restriction that the need is recognised by the inspection body or inspection authority.- Annex VI: Isopropanol, for the crystallisation process in beet sugar prpreparation, has been introduced in the part B.--On 23 March 2000, the Standing Committee on Organic Farming delivered a a favourable opinion on this proposal to amend Regulation 2092/91.
Department of Agriculture found their patent for a process to extract oil from the neem tree, a tree native to India, pulled in May by the European Patent Office (EPO).
It is based on extracts from the Indian Neem Tree - used to treat skin problems in India and Burma for the past 5,000 years.
He issued a plea for government to be more involved with the technology of environmentalism, and mentioned specifically the many values of the neem tree.
Now chemicals from this neem tree are being applied to U.S.
KARACHI -- Sindh Chief Secretary Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah inaugurated a tree plantation campaign, Sarsabz Pakistan, by planting a Neem tree at the National Museum on Thursday.
He said this while inaugurating tree plantation campaign "Sarsabz Sindh" by planting a Neem tree along with provincial administrative secretaries and school children in National Museum, Burns Garden on Thursday said a statement.
The council has suggested the neem tree could be a viable alternative, although Northern Municipality public parks and gardening head Hussain Al Saffar previously advised against it.
Later, he planted a sapling of "Neem Tree" at PSQCA office.