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neem tree


margosa tree,

a fast-growing broad-leaved evergreen, Azadirachta indica, native to India and Myanmar. Its extracts have been used for centuries in Asia as pesticides, toothpaste, medicines, and health tonics. The tree itself is used in reforestation projects in hot, dry regions. In this century, knowledge of the neem tree has spread to the West, where it has been hailed as a "wonder plant." Neem-based pesticides have been developed, and the potential health uses of chemicals extracted from the tree are being studied.


See the National Research Council report Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems (1992).

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d uncovered the benefits of the Neem tree while working at the Bayer HealthCare.
MUSCAT: More neem trees should be planted as it will be a solution to protect the environment, said Ali Al Kiyumi, director-general of nature conservation at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs of the Sultanate.
The Neem tree smoked marine and freshwater catfish stayed for a longer time before mould or insect infestation suggesting presence of antifungal and insect infestation deterrent factors in the Neem smoke.
Antiproliferative effect on human cancer cell lines after treatment with nimbolide extracted from an edible part of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica).
In fact, a variety of extracts obtained from seed, bark and leaf of the neem tree have been successfully investigated as environmentally acceptable bioinsecticides used in crop protection [8] and control of mosquito's larvae [9].
The oil of the neem tree, combined with the active ingredients in the balm formula, has been traditionally used by Ayurvedic specialists to treat a wide variety of epidermal conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, septic sores, burns, insect bites, athlete's foot, rashes, bruises, cuts, fungal infections, hemorrhoids, hives, inflammation, joint pain, muscle soreness, warts and skin ulcers.
Neem oil, an extract from the seed of the neem tree, is one of my favorites.
The controversy has focused on the neem tree, India's ancient 'tree of life'.
One very hot day, two farmers named Ram and Shyam sat cross-legged in the shade of a large neem tree.
A THE Neem tree is an excellent insect repellent - and it actually comes from India.
A Scots scientist believes the bloodsucking insect - tagged the west coast piranha - may have met its match in neem tree oil.
He is currently helping a village in Ghana develop a natural pesticide from the Neem tree.