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Additionally, the long axis of the chiasm/visual tract (gray line) rotates from a positive upward angle relative the tuberculum-venous confluence line (white line) into an orientation which is either parallel or at a slightly negative angle. The splenium of the corpus callosum (white circle) to incisura line (black reference line) distance is essentially zero: (b) Grade 2 or moderate central incisural herniation.
To study the effects of the other parameters, the database is split into two sets of 32 runs: set one for the starting positive angle, and set two for the starting negative angle. Box plots are used to compare parameter effects [28].
The report, written by the paper's Brussels correspondent Pavlos Xanthoulis, who is an expert on finding a negative angle for his dispatches, wrote the Commission's compromise proposal "constituted a triple danger" for the Republic.
I am very disappointed in the negative angle and focus of some mass media.
However, Moyes does understand that until his team halt their present disastrous run, the negative angle will be found to accompany all his work.
The alternation between lower limbs is presented in one half of each gait cycle when the left foot contacts the floor and the right hip registers a bigger extension (negative angle).
Rolling divergence usually occurs when the UAV is flying at a negative angle of attack.
The view zenith angle was arranged from -60deg to 60deg with an interval of 10deg, where positive angle corresponds to back-to-the-sun, and negative angle corresponds to facing-the-sun.
But the adjustment amount [H.sub.[delta]] is the same, which is relative to the roll angle [gamma] and the angular velocity [??] of the trunk; when the trunk rolls along [X.sub.c] in a negative angle, and we should decrease the length of the right leg and increase the length of the let leg accordingly.
"When you win games everything is looked at from a positive angle, and when you are losing there is a negative angle you can find," said Laudrup, speaking with "joy and relief" after goals from summer signings Pablo Hernandez and Michu set the course for a first win in six.