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commercial paper,

type of short-term negotiable instrument, usually an unsecured promissory note, that calls for the payment of money at a specified date. Because it is not backed by collateral, commercial paper is usually issued by major firms whose credit-rating is so good that their notes are immediately accepted for trading. The notes are sold at a discount and mature in from three to six months. Commercial paper is an important source of cash for the issuing firm; it supplements bank loans and is usually payable at a lower rate of interest than the prime discount rate. Strictly speaking, it includes only those instruments that are used in commerce in place of money, as distinguished from paper used in investment, personal, estate, speculative, and public transactions. In addition to promissory notes, commercial paper may include drafts, bills of exchange and checks, acceptances, bills of lading, warehouse receipts, orders for delivery of goods, and express orders. See. N. D. Baxter, The Commercial Paper Market (1969); Steve H. Nickles, Commercial Paper (1988).
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HAMILTON: They want security, negotiability, liquidity, punctuality, and banality.
He covers the basics of Islamic Law and finance principles and concepts, the role of Islamic scholars in the negotiability of debt, criticizing the resolutions of the Islamic Fiqh Academies regarding the tradability of debts, and many other related subjects.
Access should be allowed through credit by freeing the land market and by lifting restrictions in agricultural free patents that inhibit negotiability of title.
The term negotiability addresses whether an inspection device can get through a line.
"Specific industries require a check or cash payment upon product or service delivery, and mCP with A2iA Mobility is the ideal solution to meet this condition, as it allows for the check to be processed offline, from anywhere on the handset, and for the driver or technician to determine a check's negotiability at the point-of-presentment," said Richard Leirer, VP of Sales & Marketing at Jaguar Software.
We're trying to see if there's any negotiability with HUD, but this shakes the business principles we run on of protecting our residents and running a good business."
In order for these interactions to in fact happen, there must be three elements: interactivity, synchronicity, and negotiability. Interactivity depends on the degree to which the interactions influence the peers' cognitive processes, more than on the number of interactions.
(52) Until recently, there were no reported decisions regarding the negotiability of the Fannie/Freddie uniform note or the HUD model note, (53) but the modern mortgage finance market is built upon an assumption of negotiability.
This negotiability makes us forever change things, alter things, give up space where it shouldn't be given up," Gupta said.
The negotiability of senders and receivers allows teleopoiesis, and the question of negotiability must be assumed as possible before proof.
The reason is partly tradition, and perhaps partly that the drafter wished to make the note negotiable in order to take advantage of the Holder in Due Course doctrine (which permits the holder of the note to take free of many defenses that the maker might raise), and could not accomplish this negotiability if the terms of the mortgage were incorporated into the note.
Determination of the owner is essential for the negotiability of the instrument.