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negotiable instrument,

bill of exchange, check, promissory note, or other written contract for payment that may serve as a substitute for money. It is simple in form and easy to transfer. Transfer of a negotiable instrument, accomplished by delivery or endorsement and delivery, gives the new holder of the contract the right to enforce fulfillment in his own name. Negotiable instruments made payable to bearer are transferred by delivery; those made payable to order are transferred by endorsement and delivery. Like commercial papercommercial paper,
type of short-term negotiable instrument, usually an unsecured promissory note, that calls for the payment of money at a specified date. Because it is not backed by collateral, commercial paper is usually issued by major firms whose credit-rating is so good
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, negotiable instruments were developed to meet the needs of trade. They are used by businessmen to facilitate long-distance transactions and to avoid the constant exchange of large amounts of cash.
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He said, earlier, Punjab government had also discussed a proposal to issue negotiable security bonds to the exporters in lieu of their refund claims.
"The nuclear deal or any other subject under its pretext is not negotiable in any way," Rouhani told Macron in a telephone call, quoted by the website of the Iranian presidency.
LTNCDs are negotiable certificates of time deposit issued by banks, with a minimum maturity of five years and denominated in peso.
He added that France is fully aware of Iran position concerning the defensive affairs and it is not negotiable and we will not compromise on our defense in any manner.
Mastering Negotiable Instruments (UCC Articles 3 and 4) and Other Payment Systems (reprint, 2008)
When looking at how the industry classifies and calculates total expenses associated with buying and selling ETFs, it's critical to break down those expenses into two categories: negotiable and non-negotiable.
First, they said the guarantee didn't apply to airline tickets -- I didn't buy tickets, I bought air miles -- then they said the price protection excludes air miles because they are a "negotiable instrument.'' I do not see that air miles fall under the definition of a negotiable instrument.
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They find that in responding to these ads, men are more apt to initiate wage negotiations when there is no explicit statement at the outset that wages are negotiable. Men also generally prefer positions for which the "rules of wage determination" are left ambiguous.
New research has found that when the salary in a job offer was described as "negotiable," 24 percent of women attempted to negotiate salaries, compared with 22 percent of men.