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Without the constraint of inscribability, Griinbaum [Gru03] found the first examples of non-cyclic neighborly polytopes.
In 1982, the ERHC was awarded the first Fly Neighborly Award by Helicopter Association International (HAI), and is featured as an example in HAI's Fly Neighborly Guide.
They plan to distribute to residents a set of brochures on how to be neighborly.
Grace Zabriskie as the agent of doom paying a neighborly visit in ``Inland Empire.
According to Henken, the inspiration for the neighborly feeling of the building was the idea of a back yard and how the store would blend with its environment and look like a good neighborly place.
Owens was a denizen of the same Livermore Valley development as many of his subjects, and his photographs exude a neighborly politeness.
Albright has always wanted to be neighborly, but it used to be rather easy to be an intellectual oasis tucked in a corner of Reading.
Kids ages 4-7 will find this a zany story of monstrous neighborly relations spiced with Gris Grimley's hilarios drawings.
He uses attitudes towards the dead, and the performance of intercessionary, neighborly, and commemorative duties, as registers of social and cultural change.
2] Thus they remained after the Revolution and long into the nineteenth century, thanks to repeated territorial expansions that "sustained an agrarian way of life--based on energetic labor by the entire family, subsistence production, neighborly exchange, sale of surpluses, and movement to new lands.
With this color coding, Messenger established that Formosan termites are anything but neighborly.
Hearing his time was short, I had responded as my parents would have: Dad's neighborly concern coupled with Mom's culinary efforts.