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see marine biologymarine biology,
study of ocean plants and animals and their ecological relationships. Marine organisms may be classified (according to their mode of life) as nektonic, planktonic, or benthic. Nektonic animals are those that swim and migrate freely, e.g.
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the division of the pelagic population that comprises the free-swimming animals. Nekton are capable of withstanding the force of the ocean current and are able to travel over long distances. Fish, squids, cetaceans, pinnipeds, sea snakes, turtles, and penguins constitute the nekton group. A streamlined body shape and a well-developed locomotory apparatus are characteristic of nekton.

In complete contrast to the nekton are the plankton, which are helplessly carried by the ocean currents. The micronekton, represented by animals capable of limited active locomotion, occupy an intermediate position between the plankton and nekton. The micronekton include fry and small species of fish and squids, the larger members of the suborder Natantia, and the euphausiids.


(invertebrate zoology)
Free-swimming aquatic animals, essentially independent of water movements.
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These species forage on distinct prey assemblages (plankton, nekton, and benthos), and all three rely on finding dense prey concentrations.
Within the pelagic environment, plankton is distinguished from nekton, free-swimming animals that move at will in their environment, by its obvious limitations.
Fish and invertebrate nekton were collected by beach seine (three seine samples per site; length = 15 m, mesh opening = 4.
In this study we sought to determine whether or not grass shrimp could assess the relative risk of predation posed by different species or size classes of common nekton from tidal creeks on Sapelo Island, Georgia.
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Nekton includes a range of non-Newtonian fluid models for handling coatings and extrusion modeling applications.
Fluent's Nekton software relies on the related spectral-element method (SEM).
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An entrepreneur, Lopez is owner of Nekton Surf Shop in his home town of Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.