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Thus A becomes more and more negative, deeper and deeper into the nematic phase. The behavior of the scalar order parameter S and bulk potential [f.sub.b] in this range can be determined as follows.
Here, the superheating temperature of the nematic phase is [T.sub.**] = [T.sub.*] + [B.sup.2]/24[A.sub.0]C.
This contraction is reversed upon cooling back to the nematic phase [18].
They found that the increase in crosslink density resulted in the nematic phase. The cured LCERs have exhibited high [T.sub.g], low CTE, and good mesophase stability.
Neutron scattering at ANSTO has contributed to building evidence for the existence of a highly exotic and elusive state of matter, known as a magnetic spin nematic phase in a natural mineral called linarite.
"nematic phase" molecules have orientational order but no positional order and "smectic phase" molecules possess positional order [2, 3].
However, the response times of these dye dopant assisted reorientation are quite long, ranging from milliseconds to seconds in the nematic phase.
Anomalous thermal behavior of salicylsalicylic acid and evidence for a monotropic transition to a nematic phase. J.
E-paper comes in several varieties, including electrophoretic types as well as cholesteric nematic phase transition (CNPT).
Use of either sulphuric or phosphoric acid yields a chiral nematic phase, but hydrochloric acid hydrolysis gives a viscous suspension that forms a birefringent, glassy phase after a "post-sulphation" treatment (Araki et al., 2000).
de Paris VII) describe theoretical and experimental studies in smectic and columnar liquid crystals for advanced students and researchers, covering such topics as structure of the smectic A phase and the transition toward the nematic phase, the continuum theory of smectics A hydrodynamics, dislocations, focal conics, rheology, ferroelectric and antiferroelectric mesophases, twist-grain boundary smectics, hexatic smectics and the smectic B plastic crystal, smectic free films, columnar phases, and growth of a columnar hexagonal phase.