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A male germ cell immediately before assuming its final typical form.



a developing male sexual cell during spermatogenesis. Spermatids are formed in groups of four from secondary spermatocytes as a result of the second meiotic division. They are haploid and do not divide. After passing through a cycle of structural changes, they develop into spermatozoa.

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As the crown stage transforms into the immature polyp, the ectoderm of the forming filiform tentacles becomes filled with three types of nematoblasts and nematocytes: stenoteles, desmonemes, and microbasic heterotrichous b-mastigophores with inclusions.
These capitate tentacles are populated with the same three types of nematoblasts and nematocytes that occupy the filiform tentacles [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 25 OMITTED].
In the planula, interstitial cells and ganglion cells are found along the entire apical-basal axis, whereas the majority of the nematoblasts and nematocytes are confined to the apical two-thirds of the planula.