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However, besides being a source of joy for nematologists, the morphology can be useful in many other ways.
A nematologist will interpret the laboratory estimates of nematode populations.
Dubois, a 32-year-old nematologist and biocontrol specialist, has refined a technique to produce healthy banana plantlets that are not only 100% natural, but have a boosted defence system to stave off pests and diseases.
Earlier this year, Clemson University nematologist Bruce A.
Fostering professional relationships with the nematologist community was a cornerstone of this stage of the campaign.
As a nematologist who studies this class of animals all over the world, Freckman says the harsh dry-valley environment offers a unique research opportunity because the ecosystem there is so simple.
To gain professional and technical input, Syngenta held two nematologist summits.
To find out, Boydston is collaborating with the multidisciplinary team of Ashok Alva, a soil scientist who leads the Prosser lab; Harold Collins, an ARS microbiologist there; Steve Vaughan, a chemist at ARS's National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, Peoria, Illinois; Ekaterini Riga, a nematologist at Washington State University (WSU) in Prosser; and Andy McGuire, an agricultural systems educator with WSU's Center lot Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, in Ephrata.
Charles Overstreet, Extension Nematologist with Louisiana State University, tested AVICTA Complete Pak extensively.
ARS nematologist Greg Noel and colleagues devised the method to help resolve confusion about Pasteuria's taxonomic classification and, in turn, speed efforts to identify strains with the greatest potential as nematode biocontrol agents.
Greg Tylka, Iowa State University nematologist, was a guest presenter on the tour, giving tips on how to manage the soybean cyst nematode problem.