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1), we obtained the following measurements with an ocular micrometer in a compound microscope: 1) distance (in [micro]m) from the neonatal line up to the end of the first GLG in the dentine; 2) distance from the neonatal line to the first accessory layer in the dentine; and 3) distance from the neonatal line to the second accessory layer in the dentine, if present.
The Neonatal line will be initially marketed throughout Criticare's existing International distributor network with future consideration for US exposure.
also questioned the absence of a neonatal line (NL) as denoting a prenate, suggesting that its absence "on ground sections of incinerated teeth may be due to the effects of cremation and should not be used as conclusive evidence of fetal age or failure to survive in the perinatal period" (2011: 865).
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