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In the meantime, thanks to their remarkable ability both to attract and coerce new recruits, the Franciscans managed to sustain San Jose's growth even as they transferred large numbers of neophytes to serve as "seed populations" for new missions at San Rafael (1817) and Sonoma (1823).
Retention of neophyte nurses is an important part of decreasing the critical nursing shortage.
Loomis's edification is managed and manipulated by Bynum, who questions the neophyte in the midst of his initial ecstasy and guides Loomis through a detailed account of the bones people.
Patriarch Neophyte will hold another divine liturgy with the Bulgarian metropolitan bishops and the representatives of the other Orthodox churches in the Cathedral of Varna on Sunday.
But no team was banking on more from a neophyte than the Chargers have asked of McNeill: protect the blind side of a quarterback who'd never started a NFL game.
Neophyte director Nisha Pahuja, along with experienced cinematographer Al Kazimi (Shooting Indians) follows the former Miss India--Canada of 1993 as she returns home to Ajax after hosting an Indian revue at the Nassau Colosseum in Long Island, New York.
You might call this hedging your bets, but that just shows what a political neophyte you are.
Yet there's nothing in Bartolini's work of the uncritical enthusiasm of the neophyte or the banal syncretism of the New Ager.
The reader can follow Wilson on the trajectory from neophyte to autonomy.
The information we did receive from the remaining well-known and respected foundries ranged from obviously over-duplicated pages of plain text that hadn't been updated in years to highly professional marketing information packages that, needless to say, would make a terrific impression on the neophyte casting buyer.
It is also a good learning ground for the neophyte to see how the more experienced exhibitor utilizes eye-catching backdrops to turn a simple display table into a glamorous booth.
Even neophyte computer users can manage the task effectively if the directions are followed closely.