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see jadejade,
common name for either of two minerals used as gems. The rarer variety of jade is jadeite, a sodium aluminum silicate, NaAl(SiO3)2, usually white or green in color; the green variety is the more valuable.
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(Greek nephros, “kidney”; in antiquity it was believed to be a remedy for kidney disease), a mineral variety of actinolite and tremolite, occurring as a compact microcrystalline aggregate with a minutely fibrous, felted structure. Extremely tough, nephrite readily acquires a polish. Its color varies from milky white or greenish to dark green, sometimes exhibiting mottled patterns owing to the inclusion of other minerals. It has been valued as a semiprecious stone since antiquity; tools and art objects have been fashioned out of it in various countries, particularly China, Burma, and India.

Nephrite is formed during the metamorphism of basic rocks, such as serpentinites and pyroxene and amphibole schists. It is generally extracted from alluvial deposits, where it occurs in the form of pebbles and large boulders. Major deposits of the mineral are found in the USSR (Vostochnyi Saian, the Baikal Region), China (Kunlun Mountains, basins of the Ho-t’ien and Yarkand rivers), New Zealand, and Polynesia.


An exceptionally tough, compact, fine-grained, greenish or bluish amphibole constituting the less valuable type of jade; formerly worn as a remedy for kidney diseases. Also known as greenstone; kidney stone.
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The forth chapter deals with nephrite market trends review, distinguish nephrite manufacturers and suppliers.
Colours of nephrite and jadeite range from the best known greens to white, yellow, red, blue, grey and black.
White translucent nephrite was a favorite not only for vessels of incredible delicacy but also for amulets which could be easily inscribed with protective blessing formulas.
One of New Zealand's natural resources is nephrite, otherwise known as greenstone or jade.
The resource is predominantly Jade, this nephrite jade occurs in the New England Fold Belt, which extends from northeast New South Wales into southeast Queensland.
The beads in this set were made using a range of materials, predominantly carnelian and turquoise, but also nephrite jade, microcline feldspar (amazonite) and other blue-green stones.
He won on his debut on soft at the Curragh, but was beaten by O'Brien's Nephrite on his only start.
QIPCO 2000 Guineas - Betfred bet: 9/4 Camelot, 8 Top Offer, 10 Harbour Watch, Most Improved, Nephrite, 12 Power, 14 Akeed Mofeed, Born To Sea, 16 Abtaal, Fencing, 20 bar.
He probably has most to fear from the Aidan O'Brientrained Nephrite who made a winning debut at the Curragh last month.
Reply, David Livingston, Nephrite and Tibet complete his list of possible runners at Newmarket.
O'Brien had earlier struck with Nephrite (6-1), who looked a smart prospect in foiling a gamble on Bird's Eye View in the Irish Stallion Farms EBF Maiden.
Two gas development wells (Tindilpie-11 and Nephrite South-8) were drilled in the Greater Tindilpie Field area during the month (Beach 20.