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A person who likes technical and scientific work and is typically introspective and sometimes antisocial. The origin of the term is sometimes attributed to an angry little man in Dr. Seuss's book "If I Ran the Zoo" in 1950. After the huge number of high-tech success stories in the 1990s, nerds made quite a leap forward in the social pecking order. The terms "nerd" and "geek" are used synonymously. See geek, nerd bird, entreprenerd and Nerd Street.

Alan Freedman - Classic Nerd
With his wiring rack and plugboards, the author of this encyclopedia was a lucky guy in 1962. After only two years in his career, he could sit from time to time instead of standing at a punch card machine all day.

Five Decades Later
Along the way, Freedman developed many social skills, although still loving technology and a nerd at heart.

An Alternate Spelling
No matter how you spell it, nerds are here to stay.
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So now I'm enjoying letting my inner nerd come out to play a bit more.
licences to operate Nerd Force in the other territories held by the
According to its first definition of the word, a nerd is a "foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.
NERD is designed to stress test normative decisions with social and technological change and social pressure.
These PPI response rates are lower than generally reported in GERD studies involving erosive esophagitis, but they nonetheless demonstrate substantial absolute therapeutic gain over placebo in the NERD population, said Dr.
However, to achieve true nerd status is not just a matter of dressing badly.
You better be president and not chief nerd if you're on Wall Street," said Enelow.
But that's not an arena a theater audience could very well understand if, say, half of them had attended small schools dedicated to science, foreign languages, or even--this one already exists--"the hospitality industry" Who'd make sense of the hulking football teams (at a school of just 300 kids, even regular-sized people could play), the lunch-table segregation by activity group (the band dorks would all be at the special music school anyway), and even the hallways so long that the teachers don't notice when the greaser stuffs the nerd into a locker?
IF one word could sum up squeaky-voiced comedian Joe Pasquale, then it would be nerd.
Given their frequent use of computers and relationships to computer technology, these young, mostly white, mostly male participants must negotiate their relationship to the potentially stigmatizing, but also partially respectable nerd stereotype.
And so what if Jeff Goldblum forgot which nerd he was playing and reverted back to the nerd he was in Independence Day.