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According to Mashable, the 22-year-old Norwegian has broken every pre-conceived notion about the world's nerdiest sport with his youth, good looks, his building himself into a 'marketing juggernaut' and his posts on Facebook and Twitter.
By Monday I was the biggest, nerdiest, geeky fan and was completely overwhelmed when I went into work and met everyone for the first time.
A statistical curiosity to excite none but the nerdiest of political anoraks, you may think.
Explorations of methodological and technical issues that have traditionally only interested academics, practitioners and the nerdiest of the nerdy have expanded into a larger niche market for political junkies.
See Alexis Madrigal, "A Guide to the Occupy Wall Street API, or Why the Nerdiest Way to Think about OWS Is So Useful," Atlantic, November 16, 2011, http://fillip.
A deceptively thin Shakespeare quiz book, Bard Games is a toughie sure to level even the nerdiest of theatre geeks.
True, it is a glorious course for even the nerdiest of sporting anoraks, just the place to see the stars like Sea The Stars.
Part of their charm was that they were about the cleanest, nerdiest, straightest guys.
Personal experience (mine, not junior's) tells me that even the dorkiest, nerdiest dweeb can get himself a girlfriend/boyfriend/ significant other in the boiling maelstrom of unleashed hormones that is the first few weeks of university.
Sadly, it feels like the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high school are trying to cancel the prom," Silverman told E
In fact it's a subject you would expect to be on the lips of the nerdiest of male music nerds rather than two teenage girls - John Bonham's drumming on a Led Zeppelin live recording owned by Toy.