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A person who likes technical and scientific work and is typically introspective and sometimes antisocial. The origin of the term is sometimes attributed to an angry little man in Dr. Seuss's book "If I Ran the Zoo" in 1950. After the huge number of high-tech success stories in the 1990s, nerds made quite a leap forward in the social pecking order. The terms "nerd" and "geek" are used synonymously. See geek, nerd bird, entreprenerd and Nerd Street.

Alan Freedman - Classic Nerd
With his wiring rack and plugboards, the author of this encyclopedia was a lucky guy in 1962. After only two years in his career, he could sit from time to time instead of standing at a punch card machine all day.

Five Decades Later
Along the way, Freedman developed many social skills, although still loving technology and a nerd at heart.

An Alternate Spelling
No matter how you spell it, nerds are here to stay.
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The poster for this year's Unity get-together, with a coterie of devoted fans, has the nerdish Terry we all remember - horn-rimmed specs and toothbrush moustache - tickling the ivories of a grand piano.
I was fired, unbathed, and weary-eyed, wearing my thick nerdish glasses.
That much is obvious from a quick glance at one of the online forums where they are discussed in nerdish detail.
According to Octavio, a timidly nerdish but devoted suitor a la Werther, he has lost Maite because "ella es una chica tan moderna, tan original, con tanta personalidad, y eso dificulta un poco las cosas.
Neuroscience is crowded with expert, nerdish describers of tiny islands.
A nerdish florist finds his chance for success and romance with the help of a giant maneating plant who demands to be fed.
50, details on 01325 486555 Theatre: Operatic Society putting down roots Weedy plant needs good feed A musical favourite is putting down roots at Middlesbrough Theatre when Redcar Operatic Society tell the tale of nerdish Seymour (James Pattison).
Our Flossie gives birth to Brian who is the ultimate nerdish sheep.
Voyager II Golden Record also sprang from nerdish fascination with scientific trivia; a wall text recounts the entries on an audio recording emitted by the eponymous space probe in the event that it should encounter alien life on its voyage through the cosmos.
While spewing his usual torrent of nerdish scientific nonsense.
There's always a nerdish pleasure in pointing out omissions to a list, but I can't help but regret that the organisers of a recent poll of top school movies did not include Henri-Georges Clouzot's Les Diaboliques, a French thriller from 1955.