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A person who likes technical and scientific work and is typically introspective and sometimes antisocial. The origin of the term is sometimes attributed to an angry little man in Dr. Seuss's book "If I Ran the Zoo" in 1950. After the huge number of high-tech success stories in the 1990s, nerds made quite a leap forward in the social pecking order. The terms "nerd" and "geek" are used synonymously. See geek, nerd bird, entreprenerd and Nerd Street.

Alan Freedman - Classic Nerd
With his wiring rack and plugboards, the author of this encyclopedia was a lucky guy in 1962. After only two years in his career, he could sit from time to time instead of standing at a punch card machine all day.

Five Decades Later
Along the way, Freedman developed many social skills, although still loving technology and a nerd at heart.

An Alternate Spelling
No matter how you spell it, nerds are here to stay.
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She said: "There are a lot of nerdy girls out there but there's more pressure in society for girls not to be nerdy.
Rob plans to take his store mobile and offer shirts at conventions and similar nerdy events.
When we first met him, he was quite nerdy, a skinny guy; a young kid, really.
It was an evening when former royals mingled with the connoisseurs of vintage photography, authors, publishers and nerdy archivists preoccupied with the past.
There is a good 10-15minutes of nerdy stuff, I correct myself a lot as well, which is quite a nerdy thing to do isn't it?
All very commendable if you're a sci-fi buff; slightly nerdy if you're not.
It's not a slight to Metro Area, though maybe a bit of a nerdy reflection, that they have delved to such obscure depths to deliver gems, as the songs meld lushly because of it.
In comparison, Southampton has a nerdy business or organisation for every 5,390 residents.
The fact that Faile feels that little boys who mind their teachers are "the odd little nerdy ones" says all that needs to be said about this entire situation.
Women Write About Science, Technology & Other Nerdy Stuff is an anthology of writings by stereotype-defying women who love science, computers, gadgets, genomics, video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and other "nerdy" pastimes.
Don't worry, son,'' a guy in a penguin outfit tells Jimmy's nerdy pal Craig (Micah Carnes).