Nerve Ending

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nerve ending

[′nərv ‚end·iŋ]
The structure on the distal end of an axon.
The termination of a nerve.

Nerve Ending


a specialized structure in the terminal portion of the long outgrowth, or axon, of a nerve cell. At the site of the nerve ending, the axon does not have a myelin sheath.

Sensory nerve endings receive information, while effector nerve endings transmit information. A nerve impulse travels along the axon away from the sensory nerve ending, where it originates. In contrast, a nerve impulse travels toward an effector ending. A sensory nerve ending is structurally and functionally similar to a dendrite, and like a dendrite it has a receptor membrane. Sensory nerve endings can be independent or connected to special sensory cells.

An effector nerve ending, usually appearing as a local widening at the very end or in the middle of an axon, contains mitochondria and masses of secretory vesicles or granules that secrete mediators into the extracellular space. The terminal brush of an axon in the midbrain of a rat has an overall length of more than 0.5 m and contains about half a million nerve endings. The effector nerve endings of many autonomic neurons in the sympathetic ganglia are contained in the terminal brushes; these brushes intertwine to form complex terminal plexuses. Autonomic nerve endings are structurally similar to effector nerve endings.

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This actual coil is not only tender when palpated, it is directly responsible for much of the tightening that causes the ropey bands and is also responsible for generating much of the noticed discomfort or pain as it applies pressure to the interstitial nerve endings. Lastly, there is the ropey band.
Injection directly into the dense dermis causeshydrodissection leading to pain, while deeper placement is comparatively lesspainful due to decreased concentration of nerve endings andhigher malleability of subcutaneous fat due to lesser tissue densitythan the dermis.14
However, the operation can be painful and there are often mismatches in size between the severed nerve endings and the new grafted portion of the nerve, Abidian said.
In case, the gap happens to be close to a joint, a flexion in this joint can lead to both nerve endings approaching each other, anatomically making a primary suture without tension possible.
(1987, 1989) studied the sensory nerve endings of Cebus apella tongue utilizing the silver impregnation method and found the subepitelial single and complex sensory nerve endings.
The reduction in pressure causes bubbles to be produced in the blood, severely damaging tissue and nerve endings.
Jessica's only hope is for surgery on her nerve endings by Dr Ronald Zucker from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.
Potassium ions penetrate the length of the dentin tubules and prevent repolarization of sensory nerve endings. This interrupts transmission of the pain-causing nerve impulses, therefore reducing pain.
Three months later, in February this year, Jack was diagnosed with a Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD), a rare disorder which affects nerve endings in the brain.
All burn patients experience excruciating pain because nerve endings are exposed and damaged when skin is burned away.
Abundant nerve endings connected to the outer surface of the tusk could allow the whale to detect minute changes in water temperature, pressure and chemical gradients.
Those given cochlear implants within 5 months developed robust nerve endings at the synapses where the auditory nerve provides signals to the brain, say David K.