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The June 2016 installment of this column ("New York State and City Prior Net Operating Loss Conversion," http://bit.
A company may receive a tax deduction from an option exercise before actually realizing the related tax benefit because it has a net operating loss carryforward.
In the example above, the enterprise would report a deferred tax asset for the net operating loss carryforward and separately report an impairment of the deferred tax asset, representing the potential disallowance of the net operating loss carryforward.
Net operating loss increased from the loss of EUR0.
Medical device company Nephros (OTCBB:NEPH) disclosed on Friday that it recorded a net operating loss of USD806,000 for the three months ended 31 March 2015.
For the three months ended June 30, 2012, the firm said it sGAAP net operating loss was USD 2.
Differences between net operating losses for regular tax purposes and for the AMT should reflect any disallowances of net operating loss deductions under the 90% limitation provision.
The company's non-GAAP operating profit for the quarter was USD725,000, compared to USD970,000 net operating loss in Q4 2008.
Nexus, Multistate Tax and State Net Operating Loss Issues Practice Guides.
A theft loss that exceeds a taxpayer's gross income gives rise to a net operating loss that is not subject to the limitation imposed on nonbusiness deductions of individual taxpayers [Sec.
Expand the Net Operating Loss Carryback Period to Five Years
1502-21 allowed net operating losses to be carried back for 10 years to the extent consolidated product liability losses exceeded the consolidated net operating loss.

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