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NetAddress also provides businesses with a new channel to reach consumers with targeted and relevant marketing.
NET's NetAddress, a permanent e-mail address that directs e-mail anywhere in the world.
Farcast offers NetAddress users unlimited access to news and information for a FREE 60 day subscription, upon establishing the last e- mail address you will ever need.
In todays fast-moving business of electronic commerce, NetAddress eliminates the frustrating "Returned Mail" messages colleagues or friends may receive in attempting to communicate electronically.
Farcast, the personal news and information service provided to NetAddress users, receives its information from sources such as The Associated Press, United Press International, BusinessWire, PR Newswire, Reuters and Newsbytes.
2 million NetAddress subscribers direct access to Egghead.
We are pleased to be able to offer NetAddress subscribers the convenience of direct access to Egghead.
NET is creating direct links and access through its Direct Delivery program, a push content e-mail service of information and transactions, to enhance the value of NetAddress to its subscribers.