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/net'n[y]ooz/ 1. The software that makes Usenet run.

2. The content of Usenet. "I read netnews right after my mail most mornings."
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(USEr NETwork) A public access network on the Internet that provides group discussions and group email. It is a giant, dispersed bulletin board that is maintained by volunteers who provide news and mail feeds to other nodes. All Usenet content is "NetNews," and a running collection of messages about a subject is a "newsgroup."

Humble Beginnings
Usenet began in 1979 as a bulletin board between two universities in North Carolina. Today, there are more than 50,000 newsgroups, and news can be read with a news-enabled Web browser, a newsreader application or via Unix-based utilities such as pine, tin and nn. See newsreader, newsgroup, NNTP and Google Groups.
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Netnews used two mechanisms to limit the reader's attention to the articles which interested them the most.
The first widely used application for group information sharing was Usenet (also known as Netnews).
This issue of "NetNews" introduces the Test Bank: a variety of informal reading, spelling, and writing assessments available for Minnesota ABE providers to borrow or receive as a copy (if permitted).
State Minister in Jamaica's Education, Youth and Culture Ministry, Senator Noel Monteith has said that the Ministry is aiming to provide 14,000 new school spaces by September 2007, reports Caribbean NetNews (Feb.
It is intended for testing small file, high-throughput environments such as e-mail and netnews servers.
In addition to the basic editorial system's SaxoText text editor, QuarkXPress XTensions, and article, photo, and layout modules, the installation includes SaxoTech's Automatic Image Processor software to prepare images for print and Web output; NetNews Web Publishing Xtra for improving work flow by integrating the newsroom in the Web page-building process; SaxoBRS archiving of all published text, images, and pages in a central, indexed repository; and the browser-based SaxoAnyWare remote- access system for performing basic editorial functions.
Postmark was designed to measure file system performance for the ephemeral small-file workloads seen in environments such as electronic mail, netnews, and Web-based commerce.
The SIFT system collects USENET Netnews and articles from various mailing lists, and accepts profiles from users via email or Web forms.
SavvySearch serves as the access point for over 200 search engines, guides, auctions, storefronts, Usenet and Netnews archives, and software libraries, making it the most extensive data source identified, missing only the Northern Light search engine and databases.
The boundaries are defined and maintained only through the weak ties of e-mail,(3) netnews, and other computer mediated communications tools (Pickering & King, 1992).
Other applications have included the extraction of World Wide Web hypertext links (URLs) from NetNews articles, searching files of machine code in binary format, searching comments in source code files, and counting actual occurrences of patterns in files (as opposed to lines containing the patterns).
The sheer volume is an important variable: Detailed textual reviews of restaurants or movies may be practical, but applying the same approach to thousands of daily Netnews messages would not.