network appliance

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network appliance

(1) A specialized device for use on a network. For example, Web servers, cache servers and file servers can be implemented as general-purpose computers with the appropriate software or as network appliances, which are computers dedicated to a single function and cannot do anything else. See server appliance, Internet appliance and Web cache.

All-In-One Network Appliance
The ChiliBox is an example of an earlier network appliance that combined a router, firewall, email server, DNS, virtual private network (VPN), backup and remote file sharing in one system. It was designed to solve most network requirements for a small business. (Image courtesy of Chili Systems, Inc.,

(2) (Network Appliance, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, A leading provider of network file storage and content delivery systems. Founded in 1992, it pioneered the network attached storage (NAS) device as an extension of the industry trend toward single-function products. It developed storage, content distribution and reporting software and content delivery platforms under the Filer and NetCache brands. Network Appliance products use the innovative Data ONTAP operating system and WAFL file system, support multiple protocols and provide transparent integration between Unix and Windows. See NAS, WAFL, ICAP, DAFS, NetApp Filer, NetCache and Content Alliance.
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High Availability Chassis 6U Telecom Network Appliance with 6 x86 CPU Blades and 6 I/O Blades
Our ACE-NIC smart network adapters, ENET SoCs, and turnkey network appliances offer all-programmable platforms for the telecom, cloud service provider, and enterprise markets.
As can be seen, each network appliance can be based on a different operating system and execution environment, but still be supported on the same physical server.
That growth in the market has seen Network Appliance, which was founded in 1992, open 32 offices employing more than 3,000 staff.
Network Appliance, which provides data storage and network solutions for many of the UK's top companies, has moved to Riley Court, a new development on the University of Warwick Science Park.
Network Appliance, Inc., has announced another iSCSI milestone--the achievement of 750 iSCSI customer deployments in IP SAN (storage area network) configurations.
"Procera enables Savers Bank to secure, control and optimize our internal business network with an intelligent network appliance that paid for itself immediately."
Security Management Consulting introduces the InciTrack NetApp Incident Tracking Network Appliance. InciTrack NetApp takes its revolutionary InciTrack incident reporting software and embeds it into a standalone, embedded network appliance platform that makes deployment and administration a snap.
The company said it will be working with Network Appliance to deliver rich media content to the site including live streaming and on-demand viewing of matches via the global Smart Content Delivery (SCD) network and the Network Appliance content delivery and technology distribution solution which will optimize server capability.'s NetSpective WebFilter network appliance uses signature-based blocking.
A partir de la fecha de su fundacion, en 1992, Network Appliance se ha ocupado de brindar sistemas de almacenamiento de dates practicos y accesibles que pueden trabajar practicamente en cualquier tipo de plataformas tales come: Windows, Unix y Oracle.

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