network appliance

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network appliance

(1) A specialized device for use on a network. For example, Web servers, cache servers and file servers can be implemented as general-purpose computers with the appropriate software or as network appliances, which are computers dedicated to a single function and cannot do anything else. See server appliance, Internet appliance and Web cache.

All-In-One Network Appliance
The ChiliBox is an example of an earlier network appliance that combined a router, firewall, email server, DNS, virtual private network (VPN), backup and remote file sharing in one system. It was designed to solve most network requirements for a small business. (Image courtesy of Chili Systems, Inc.,

(2) (Network Appliance, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, A leading provider of network file storage and content delivery systems. Founded in 1992, it pioneered the network attached storage (NAS) device as an extension of the industry trend toward single-function products. It developed storage, content distribution and reporting software and content delivery platforms under the Filer and NetCache brands. Network Appliance products use the innovative Data ONTAP operating system and WAFL file system, support multiple protocols and provide transparent integration between Unix and Windows. See NAS, WAFL, ICAP, DAFS, NetApp Filer, NetCache and Content Alliance.
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As a new class of storage infrastructure device, the storage network appliance can bring capabilities to customers that are simply not available in any other storage architecture.
Bivio enables government agencies and systems integrators to rapidly develop and deploy mission-critical application software and solutions on the industry's best-in-class network appliance platforms.
Network Appliance is a world leader in unified storage solutions for today's data-intensive enterprise.
It is an honor to be a part of the board of directors of a leading company like Network Appliance," said Earhart.
We are delighted to again extend our partnership with Network Appliance," said Chris Peterson, vice president of OEM and channel sales at Secure Computing.
For each year Network Appliance meets the required performance targets, the state will provide a grant equal to 65% of the state personal income withholding taxes derived from the creation of new jobs.
Network Appliance continues to take a leading role in initiatives such as the RDMA Consortium, the DAT Collaborative, and the Open Group InterConnect Software Consortium, as well as participation in the IBTA.
NetApp, NearStore, and the Network Appliance logo are registered trademarks and Network Appliance, NOW, and The evolution of storage are trademarks of Network Appliance, Inc.
Additionally, Network Appliance is a charter member of AppIQ's CIMIQ program, designed to help independent hardware vendors accelerate the development of SMI-S and CIM (Common Information Model)/WBEM (Web-Based Enterprise Management)-compliant products.
Having a product that passes this testing program provides end users with the trust that Network Appliance has implemented SMI-S 1.
The synergy between Network Appliance and Spinnaker Networks expands our competitive edge and leadership position in bringing Storage Grid architectures more rapidly to the market," said Dan Warmenhoven, CEO of Network Appliance.

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