identity management

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identity management

The management of a user's identity. Within the enterprise, an identity management system comprises a system of directories and access control based on policies. It includes the maintenance of the system (adds, changes, deletes) and generally offers single sign-on so that the user only has to log in once to gain access to multiple resources. See user management and provisioning, network directory and directory service.

The Public Internet
On the Internet, traditional identity management is a username/password system developed for each website or group of websites. Identity infrastructures, such as OpenID and the identity metasystem, embodied by Microsoft's CardSpace and the Higgins project, were designed to provide a unified approach to identity management in the public online world.

Identity management also embraces data sharing, and the infrastructures mentioned above offer users control over how their data are shared with websites and other online entities. See OpenID, identity metasystem and single sign-on.
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The implicit sensing approach uses the network identity and other data and how devices are accessing specific wireless access points and other network equipment in the building and then correlates them with the assumed location of the users of those devices when mapped against the building's floor plans, or location of the access points.
That's right: you can use one social network identity to sign in to another.
Gemalto, a provider of digital security solutions, and Utimaco, a supplier of data security solutions, have jointly introduced a USB device that manages network identity credentials and at the same time provides users with additional memory to securely store confidential data.
Online consumers wary of phishing, keyboard logging, bots and identity theft can now take control of their own network security with the Gemalto Network Identity Manager (NIM).
The NIM is a convenience breakthrough of the first order, and it is supported by Gemalto's 15 years of experience in digital security solutions worldwide," said Cedric Collomb, senior vice president, Network Identity Solutions, Gemalto.
As the network grew and the district continued its transition, however, we increasingly experienced reliability, management and scalability issues with our DNS and DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) network identity services.
Nearly 6 million Koreans have a network identity in the form of a cartoon character that represents them.
John Fanelli, Sun senior director of Network Identity, Communication and Portal (NICP), claimed Sun now leads that race, based on its product technology and vision.
Some of the world's largest businesses and leading data security companies--33 major corporations in all--announced they will work together to develop and promote an open, interoperable standard for network identity.
Prior to joining PostPath, he was vice president of engineering at Infoblox, a leading provider of network identity appliances.
During the process, users are unaware of the original application failover as the Neverfail software maintains the network identity of the original physical server, ensuring seamless and continuous end-user connection to mission-critical applications.

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