identity management

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identity management

The management of a user's identity. Within the enterprise, an identity management system comprises a system of directories and access control based on policies. It includes the maintenance of the system (adds, changes, deletes) and generally offers single sign-on so that the user only has to log in once to gain access to multiple resources. See user management and provisioning, network directory and directory service.

The Public Internet
On the Internet, traditional identity management is a username/password system developed for each website or group of websites. Identity infrastructures, such as OpenID and the identity metasystem, embodied by Microsoft's CardSpace and the Higgins project, were designed to provide a unified approach to identity management in the public online world.

Identity management also embraces data sharing, and the infrastructures mentioned above offer users control over how their data are shared with websites and other online entities. See OpenID, identity metasystem and single sign-on.
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Identity Engines' Ignition network identity management solution meets this need, and we look forward to continuing to expand our worldwide availability with partners like Zuken NetWave.
With more than 30 channel partners signed and over 20 customer deployments in the year to date, the Identity Engines' Ignition(TM) network identity management solution is quickly re-shaping the network access marketplace," said Richard Bush, founder and Chairman of Identity Engines.
The combination of next generation network identity management technology, the evolution of how companies use and access their networks and an exploding growth market make Identity Engines a compelling opportunity," said Selda.
Ignition, with its sophisticated policy engine and high-reliability design, has been created to facilitate comprehensive network identity management by simplifying how IT administrators secure networks.
E[acute accent]Identity Engines was founded in 2004, and introduced its first product, the Ignition(TM) network identity management appliance, earlier this month.
today introduced the industry's first enterprise-grade platform designed to deliver highly reliable, centrally-managed network identity management services.
Customers are looking for ways to easily extend their network identity management to strategic partners in a Web services environment.
We've established a clear vision of where network identity services are going, and with the financial backing of our investors and input from our customers, Infoblox is addressing the pain of network identity management.

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