network management

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network management

The process of controlling a network so as to maximise its efficiency and productivity. ISO's model divides network management into five categories: fault management, accounting management, configuration management, security management and performance management.

Fault management is the process of identifying and locating faults in the network. This could include discovering the existence of the problem, identifying the source, and possibly repairing (or at least isolating the rest of the network from) the problem.

Configuration management is the process of identifying, tracking and modifying the setup of devices on the network. This category is extremely important for devices that come with numerous custom settings (e.g. routers and file servers).

Security management is the process of controlling (granting, limiting, restricting or denying) access to the network and resources thereon. This could include setting up and managing access lists in routers (creating "firewalls" to keep intruders out), creating and maintaining password access to critical network resources, identifying the points of entry used by intruders and closing them.

Performance Management is the process of measuring the performance of various network components. This also includes taking measures to optimise the network for maximum system performance (periodically measuring of the use of network resources).

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["Network Management: A Practical Perspective", Allan Leinwand and Karen Fang].
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network management

Monitoring an active communications network in order to diagnose problems and gather statistics for administration and fine tuning. Examples of network management products are IBM's NetView, HP's OpenView, Sun's SunNet Manager and Novell's NMS. Almost all network management software supports the SNMP network management protocol. Other management protocols are CMIP and DME. See systems management and configuration management.
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LineSider employees will join Cisco Network Management Technology Group.
According to IDC Taiwan, sales of change and configuration management products in Taiwan in the first six months totaled US$1.48 million, down 22.0% YoY; that of event automation totaled US$950,000, a 30.6% YoY decline; that of job scheduling dropped 34.5% YoY to US$450,000; that of network management declined 28.6% YoY to US$1.71 million; output management totaled US$200,000, down 30.9% YoY; that of performance management decreased 27.6% YoY to US$2.61 million; while that of problem management was US$470,000, a 27.8% YoY drop.
In his new position, D'Souza will be responsible for Pricing and Revenue Management and Network Management.
The release of CA NetMaster Network Management for TCPflP helps organizations address network management challenges with IBM's Enterprise Extender (EE) technology, which enables legacy applications to run over IP networks without modification but keeps these layers of network activity hidden from view.
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GE Energy has announced Smallworld Gas Distribution Office[TM] software, a spatially-enabled network management suite of applications that are described by the company as fundamental to the management of a gas distribution network.
-- The Air Force Joint Tactical Radio System Program Office, part of the Electronic Systems Center's Airborne Network Management Division, recently awarded the first Department of Defense contract for a JTRS radio.
and provider of industry-leading portable computers, projectors and other mobile-related services and products, has launched the TDP-TW300U projector with wireless capabilities, offering vibrant images, network management functionality, security features and a range of connectivity options.

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