network operating system

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network operating system

[‚net‚wərk ′äp·ə‚rād·iŋ ‚sis·təm]
(computer science)
The system software of a local-area network, which manages the network's resources, handling multiple inputs concurrently and providing necessary security. Abbreviated NOS.

Network Operating System

(operating system)
(NOS) The operating system on Control Data Corporation's Cyber Computer.

network operating system

(networking, operating system)
(NOS) An operating system which includes software to communicate with other computers via a network. This allows resources such as files, application programs, and printers to be shared between computers.

Examples are Berkeley Software Distribution Unix, Novell, LAntastic, MS LAN Manager.

network operating system

An operating system that is designed for a server. Normally, it is a complete operating system with file, task and job management; however, with some earlier products, it was a separate component that ran under the OS; for example, LAN Server required OS/2, and LANtastic required DOS.

Unix, Linux, Solaris and the server versions of Windows are common network operating systems designed for use in stand-alone servers. Such products may also include a Web server, directory services, messaging system, network management and multiprotocol routing capabilities.

Multiuser File Sharing
A network operating system (NOS) manages concurrent requests from clients and provides the security necessary in a multiuser environment. A file sharing component is installed in each client machine that interacts with the server to share files and applications as well as devices on the network such as printers, faxes and modems.

Windows Peer-to-Peer Networks
The client versions of Windows (starting with Windows 98) can also share their files on the network. They may be considered a network operating system, but they are more lightweight than the server versions of Windows with regard to multiuser processing. See LAN.

The Software in a Network Client
This shows the various software components that reside in a user's client workstation in a network.

The Software in a Network Server
This shows the network operating system and various system software components in a network server.
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Whatever you decide, make sure you talk to a networking consultant before you purchase a network operating system.
Fireware Pro is the new advanced security and network operating system that comes standard on Firebox X Peak, and is available as an upgrade for the Firebox X500 to X2500 models.
As a standards-based operating system, the Logistics Network Operating System enables us to deploy and market an integrated suite of services more quickly by providing a consistent development and deployment platform for our applications.
When released, the new specification, which calls for LonMark(R) certified interoperable LonWorks based devices for all major building subsystems and network management tools based on Echelon's LNS(R) network operating system, will be the template for the design, implementation and procurement of building automation systems for Corps building projects.
In addition to system integration capabilities, Distech has an integrated, easy-to-use set of software tools built on Echelon's LNS(R) network operating system, LonMark(R) certified or LNS plug-in equipped products, and a wide range of device controllers that facilitate the creation of open, interoperable, LonWorks based open automation systems.
VNOS, Visual Network Operating System and Singlestep Unity are trademarks of Singlestep Technologies, Corp.
Echelon Corporation (Nasdaq:ELON), the creator of the LonWorks(R) device networking platform for networking everyday devices to each other and the Internet, today announced that the Building Control Solutions business of Honeywell, has incorporated Echelon's LNS(R) software platform and network operating system into its EXCEL(R) 5000 OPEN(TM) System.

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