network redirector

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network redirector

An operating system driver that sends data to and receives data from a remote device. A network redirector often provides mechanisms to locate, open, read, write, and delete files and submit print jobs.

It also makes available application services such as named pipes and mailslots. When an application needs to send or receive data from a remote device, it sends a call to the redirector. The redirector provides the functionality of the Application layer and Presentation layer of the OSI model.

In Microsoft Networking, the network redirectors are implemented as installable file systems (IFS).
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It is attached to an Exchange 2000 server through a network redirector with a file sharing protocol (SMB, CIFS or NFS) using the Universal Naming Convention (UNC).
Melio FS now fully implements the network redirector oplock protocol which defines the interaction between the file system and the network sharing service.
The Falcon RF software offering includes NDIS and ODI network interface card drivers, TCP/IP and SPX/IPX transport protocols, Novell's NETX and VLM network redirectors, site survey tools, and sample configuration files, along with a utility program for downloading software and configuration files.

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