network segment

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network segment

A part of an Ethernet or other network, on which all message traffic is common to all nodes, i.e. it is broadcast from one node on the segment and received by all others. This is normally because the segment is a single continuous conductor, though it may include repeaters(?).

Since all nodes share the physical medium, collision detection or some other protocol is required to determine whether a message was transmitted without interference from other nodes. The receiving node inspects the destination address of a packet to tell if it was (one of) the intended recipient(s).

Communication between nodes on different segments is via one or more routers.
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LAN segment

A section of a local area network that is used by a particular workgroup or department and separated from the rest of the LAN by a bridge, router or switch. Networks are divided into multiple segments for security and to improve traffic flow by filtering out packets that are not destined for the segment. See subnet mask.
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Kelleher also points to the company's first organic sales growth reported in Q3 in 4 years, with its network segment also posting a double digit operating margin.
ADTRAN[R], Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), a provider of next-generation open networking solutions, and TIM, Italy's telco and ICT group, have announced the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding relating to ADTRAN's SDN/NFV technologies and platforms for network automation in the access network segment, the companies said.
Since its introduction two years ago, Google has struggled to make much impact in the social network segment. Though, Google has forced users to adopt Google+ - integration with Gmail, YouTube and other Google products.
The proposed acquistion is in line with Burda's plans to foster its presence in the digital business network segment.
To the best of my knowledge, we will also be leading the industry in Miami, by again being the first provider to purpose-build a network segment for a market that we believe shows true potential."
announced a new contract with Global Crossing, a leading global IP solutions provider, to upgrade a legacy system fiber pair on network segment C (linking Brookhaven, New York and Whitesands, United Kingdom) of Global Crossing's Atlantic Crossing (AC-1) network to meet growing customer demand for broadband services.
Extreme Networks experienced an exceptional 94% increase in fixed 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports shipped (quarter over quarter) in Q1, outpacing market competitors growth in number of ports shipped in the high performance network segment.
The amount of gear required would depend specifically on how elaborate a network it has, and how critical the performance is on each network segment.
If yes, will they be by network segment, and if so, at what level, such as 80 percent overall utilization of gigabit Ethernet segments in the campus core, or 70 percent on T3 Internet connections.
As the train moves, it will most likely pass from one network segment to another.
LanHound provides several quick views of all communications occurring on a network segment. LanHound's tables allow administrators to see the systems on the network, the traffic being generated between stations and servers (including Internet sites visited) and the protocols that are being used on the network.

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