neural nets

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GPUs work for AI because in a neural net -- let's say in deep learning -- you're just doing a whole lot of linear algebra.
'At the receiver, the photocurrent of the receiver photodiode is sampled and converted to a digital signal, which is processed by the receiver neural nets after timing recovery and synchronisation.'
"Technologies representing democratised AI populate three out of five sections on the Hype Cycle, and some of them, such as deep neural nets and virtual assistants, will reach mainstream adoption in the next two to five years," said Walker.
With traditional neural nets, when a new type of data becomes available, the model has to be rebuilt from the ground up versus adding knowledge as it is learned.
As the neural net learns, there are fewer mistakes, and the labeling workload decreases.'
Key themes include Apache Spark versus Hadoop, Big Data as it relates to the Internet of Things, and neural nets and machine learning.
They try to model data - say, photos of people - by turning them into high-level abstractions using multiple layers where each different layer may focus on different tasks (hence the "deep" in deep neural nets).
More advanced systems have these neural nets in layers.
Advanced Machine Learning: Manual classification and analysis will not be feasible or affordable due to the growth of data sources and information complexity, Cearley says, so "deep neural nets" will automate these tasks and will address challenges related to the Information of Everything.
According to the report, industrial casting manufacturers in the US have implemented many advanced technologies, which enable the use of genetic algorithms and neural nets for selecting optimum pressure die casting based on end-user requirements.
and androids: The plight of the locked-in has led to the creation of embedded neural nets and Personal Transports (dubbed "threeps," after a certain golden robot of the silver screen).

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