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A tumor characterized by the diffuse proliferation of peripheral nerve elements. Also known as endoneural fibroma; myxofibroma of nerve sheath; neurofibromyxoma; perineural fibroblastoma; perineural fibroma.



a benign tumor that originates in membranes of peripheral nerves and is localized in any part of the body along the path of a nerve trunk. Neurofibromas most often affect the sciatic and intercostal nerves. The multiple occurrence of neurofibromas is called neurofibromatosis.

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Fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of allelic losses involving the long arm of chromosome 17 in NF1associated neurofibromas.
This was a retrospective review of 31 cases involving NF-1 patients with symptomatic cervical spine neurofibromas who underwent surgical decompression and tumor resection from February 2001 to July 2011 at Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar.
Complete surgical excision remains the gold-standard treatment for neurofibromas.
Axillary freckling, cafe-au-lait macules, plexiform neurofibromas or any other skeletal deformities were not present.
Desde el punto de vista histologico los neurofibromas son tumores benignos compuestos por lemocitos, fibroblastos, mastocitos y componentes vasculares.
9) Different therapeutic approaches are currently available to reduce the complications of the disease and surgery for removing a neurofibroma is often only advised if it can compress important structures, if it is thought to be malignant, or to correct any bone malformations.
Se han reportado tumores que comprometen todos los tejidos, tanto duros como blandos, pero la lengua es el lugar mas comun de aparicion de los neurofibromas.
Likewise, neurofibromas of the jaw have been described in the literature.
Please rank the following manifestations of NF1 in order of importance to treat if a clinical trial were to open (1 is most important and 6 is least important): --Skin tumors --Plexiform neurofibromas --Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors --Optic gliomas --Cafe-au-lait macules --Learning disability 6.
Los neurofibromas pueden originarse de cualquier nervio, independientemente de su localizacion, incluyendo nervios perifericos o intracraneales; se dividen en cuatro tipos.
The first is that, unlike neurilemomas, neurofibromas are not encapsulated and the nerve's fascicles are an integral part of the tumor.
Pirfenidone is an oral agent undergoing clinical investigation in NF1, where its antifibrotic properties are used to target the fibrotic component of plexiform neurofibromas.