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A tumor of the nervous system.



a collective term designating several oncological conditions of the nervous system. Included as neuromas are neurinomas, neurofibromas, and neuroblastomas.

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Endless recounting of other varied theories and interventions of what we now habitually call Morton's neuroma in Podiatry could continue, but it may now be appropriate to come forward to the current time and review our collective medical understanding of causation, diagnosis and a few currently believed to be appropriate interventions.
Aunque se han propuesto otras muchas causas (alteraciones o variantes anatomicas en los metatarsianos o en los nervios perifericos distales o el uso de calzado antifisiologico (10,11,12,13)), esta generalmente aceptado que, originariamente, la etiologia mas frecuente de los neuromas interdigitales del pie es traumatica o microtraumatica/ patomecanica.
The neuroma diagnosis is confirmed by pinching the space between the third and fourth toes while squeezing the foot from side to side.
In cases of fine needle aspiration biopsy, ultrasound was able to detect traumatic neuromas in the neck in the absence of any clinical signs of neuromas.
When placed at the terminal end of a nerve, the conduit is designed to prevent formation of neuroma.
Introduction: Acoustic neuroma is the most frequent benign tumour at cerebellopontine angle.