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LEGACY: Abbie Clarke, above, her parents Tracey and Richard with Sheila Knox of the neurophysiology department, above left, the plaque, top left, and Sean Gallagher, right Pictures above left by KATIE LUNN
In vitro studies have shown that the neurophysiology of glial tumors makes them especially prone to produce seizures.
Knowledge of laryngeal anatomy, physiology, and neurophysiology is necessary to determine the optimum procedure for a given etiology and laryngeal configuration.
Using the findings of neurophysiology, psychology, parapsychology, and theoretical physics, the author unlocks the mysteries of the mind and helps you understand its full power.
This dictionary attempts to include all technical terms that a psychologist is likely to encounter in reading about the subject, including terms from psychiatry, neurology, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, ethology, sociobiology, genetics, linguistics, artificial intelligence, sociology, anthropology, statistics, philosophy, and other disciplines.
Subtopics include mechanisms of action, neurophysiology, and clinical trials of psychotropic substances; models and neurophysiology of mental disorders; and drug treatment in conjunction with and compared to cognitive or behavioral therapy, side effects, and compliance in drug treatment of mental disorders.
Contract notice for Acquisition, supply and installation of necessary equipment in neurophysiology for research on cognitive impairment
Fundamentals of Canine Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology
The computer, containing records of 1,569 patients, was stolen from the Neurophysiology Department at Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax in November.
rEEG, which was developed by CNS Response, is an online reference database that offers medical professionals objective, personalised statistical data on their patients' neurophysiology, thereby reducing medication trial and error.
This text is for neurophysiology fellows, neurology residents, neurologists, surgeons, neuroanesthesiologists, and intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring and mapping (IOM) technologists.