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Nervous tissue consisting of a fibrous network of nonmyelinated nerve fibers; gray matter with few nerve cell bodies; usually a region of synapses between axons and dendrites.



(1) An obsolete term designating a fibrous nerve tissue structure that is found predominantly in invertebrates. The supposedly interconnected nerve fibers form a continuous cytoplasmic network that resembles a syncytium. This use of the term “neuropil” does not accurately reflect the microstructure of the nervous system. (See.)

(2) The fibrous nerve tissue structure in which synaptic contacts between neuronal outgrowths are concentrated.

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In addition, only a small number of DA-ir nerve fibers were detected throughout the neuropils in the ventral horn of the pleuropedal ganglion (Fig.
In the visceral ganglion, GABA immunoreactivity was found in the left lateral and ventromedial parts, with ir nerve fibers containing GABA concentrated in the neuropils of the ganglia.
The immunoreactivity of both types of nerve fibers were also found throughout the neuropils of the ganglia, especially in the dorsal and ventral horn regions, (Fig.