neutral plane

neutral surface, neutral plane

An imaginary surface within a beam, subjected to bending, where there is neither compression nor elongation.
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Furthermore, colour and pulsed Doppler ultrasound examination of the right testis revealed normal arterial flow following manual de-torsion and the spermatic cord was observed in the neutral plane in the cranio-caudal view (Fig.
C) White arrows indicate the spermatic cord in the neutral plane in the cranio-caudal view (D).
Table 2 presents stack effect values, [DELTA]p, for various height buildings, assuming the neutral plane is at mid-height.
Square up you stance, open up the face and swing with a more neutral plane, allowing the bounce of the club to work for you and unbelievably the ball pops up, out and onto the green .
By solving a system of equations, one can locate the neutral plane and separate the nonbending strain from bending strain.
In (1), n refers to any of the three sensors used, [empty set] defines the angle displacement of the sensor from the neutral plane, and [[epsilon].
The xoy co-ordinate system is then set in the neutral plane.
The fibers above the neutral plane are extended and these below compressed.
The mass flow rate through each of the openings can be either unidirectional or bidirectional, and it depends on the temperature difference, pressure difference, and the position of the neutral plane between the two adjacent compartments of the opening.
In the case of a bidirectional flow, the location of the neutral plane can be above the upper end of the opening, below the lower end of the opening, or between the two ends.
Table 1 presents the comparison between the numerical and experimental results at the door centerline in terms of the normalized neutral plane height, [h.