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1. Sport either of the two defended areas of a playing field, rink, etc.
2. Bowls Curling a section of play from one side of the rink to the other
3. American football a player at the extremity of the playing line; wing

What does it mean when you dream about the end?

Can refer to one’s goals or simply to the end of some situation, as in such expressions as “the end of the road” and “the light at the end of the tunnel.” End is often utilized in idioms, such as “I’m at the end of my rope,” “I’m at my wits end,” and “at loose ends.”




battleground of good and evil before Judgment Day. [N.T.: Revelation 16:16]
end of game in chess: folk-etymology of Shah-mat, ‘the Shah is dead.’ [Br. Folklore: Espy, 217]
fatal raven
indicates defeat or victory by arranging its wings. [Norse Legend: Volsung Saga]
Judgment Day
final trial of all mankind. [N.T.: Revelation]
Last Supper
Passover dinner the night before Christ died. [N.T.: Matthew 26:26–29; Mark 14:22–25; Luke 22:14–20]
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We can only hope that these spectacular breakthroughs go some way to making up for the fact that you'll never hear the end of that whole 32-hour labour thing.
If that decision had gone against one of the 'big four' we would never hear the end of it.
I know the that we will never hear the end of it if England win.
SUFFERING George Walker thought he'd never hear the end of his mate boasting about his 15 minutes of fame as a Where Eagles Dare winner.
My honest opinion is that they wouldn't win if they started a minute before the off, though it's probably not wise to say that-if one of them happens to win, I'll never hear the end of it," Prescott said yesterday.
Kurtis scoring a hat-trick - we'll never hear the end of it.

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