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(US), nevus
any congenital growth or pigmented blemish on the skin; birthmark or mole



(mole, birthmark), a congenital malformation of the skin in which some areas differ in color from the rest of the skin and/or have a peculiar warty appearance. Nevi are not confined to any particular area. They can be present at birth or develop during the first few years of life or even later.

Vascular nevi, or hemangiomas, are characterized by varying sizes, uneven edges, and a pink or bluish red color. They become pale when pressed and may be flat, superficial (capillary nevi), or nodular. They are embedded in the thickest part of the skin and have an uneven cavernous surface (cavernous nevi). Verrucoid nevi occur as singular or multiple patches of different shapes, are muddy gray or brown in color, and have an uneven keratotic surface. Pigmented nevi are light brown to almost black in color; they can be the size of a pinhead, or they can cover large areas of the skin. The surfaces of pigmented nevi may be uneven and covered with hair (Becker’s nevi).

Self-treatment of pigmented spots is dangerous because frequent injury may cause them to degenerate into melanomas, whereupon the nevi enlarge, become firmer, and change color. New pigmented spots may appear in the same area, and the regional lymph nodes may become enlarged.

Electrocoagulation, cryotherapy, surgical dissection, and radiotherapy are used to treat nevi.


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A lesion containing melanocytes.
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Ota's nevus is also designated as 'persistent aberrant mongolian spot', and has the same histological features.
The patient had subsequent excision of the entire lesion that was read by a different dermatopathologist and revealed nevus sebaceous with syringocystadenoma papilliferum, no residual atypical sebaceous neoplasm, and clear margins.
There are now several lines of evidence showing that nevus sebaceous is caused by genetic postzygotic mosaic mutations in the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway, which specifically activate ras mutations including H ras and K ras genes.
NC can be associated with skeletal, ocular, and central nervous system abnormalities in the context of nevus comedonicus syndrome (NCS) [5, 7].
Op NEVUS maintenance can technically be done throughout the year, but the primary repairs and upkeep always happen in June, since flying to service a failing link In February, when It's not only minus 50 degrees but also pitch black, Isn't on any technician's bucket list.
Operation NEVUS is one of an annual series of operations conducted by Joint Task Force North in the High Arctic that contributes to Canadian sovereignty.
Blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome (BRBNS) is a rare systemic disorder with characteristic vascular malformations of the skin gastrointestinal tract and less often other internal organ.
Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Sendrom'u hemanjiom gibi kutanoz ve gastrointestinal vaskuler malformasyonlarla karakterize nadir gorulen bir hastaliktir (1).
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Zainab was born with the rare Giant Congenital Hairy Nevus condition -- a hairy birthmark covering almost the entire front and back of her body.