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We welcome your suggestions for new terms and comments about existing ones. Thank you for your help. We sincerely appreciate your support. Please contact us at:

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If a part of our definition is confusing, please tell us, and we may be able to send you a better explanation before it is published. Please note that we usually cannot respond to simply "I don't understand it," unless we happen to be updating that very term with a better explanation. But, we generally can reply to something like "this sentence doesn't make sense because..." or "this seems to contradict itself because..." The more specific your question, the better we can answer you with an improved definition.

Is the Term Software?

For more than 30 years, we have included definitions of software packages. In fact, we were the first computer dictionary to include products, not just computer science terms. However, we can only keep track of the most popular programs or ones that have major impact on the industry.
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New entries included Smokie with Living Next Door To Alice, Paul Nicholas with Grandma's Party, and Barry Biggs with Sideshow.
The CoolBrands top 20 has seen luxury names lose out to make way for six new entries including the home system Sonos, as its more established competitors Bose and Sony dropped out.
Other new entries to appear in the list are Spotify and Adidas.
com there will lot of new entries in the series and there will be lot of fun.
The Good Food Guide 2013 includes four new entries from Cardiff, as well as restaurants in Penarth and Cowbridge.
The Big Top 40: It's all about new entries and Gotye hold on for an impressive sixth week at the top spot, but Katy Perry jumps in as a new entry at two with Part Of Me while at four Sean Paul pops in new with She Doesn''t Mind.
Four of the 15 new entries in this week's charts use festive features to get buyers into the spirit of Christmas.
EXAMPLE saw off new entries from two other dance acts to hold on to the number one spot in the singles chart yesterday, the Official Charts Company said.
New entries include the words "scareware", which means malicious computer programmes, "trackpad" (touchpad) and "buttload" (a large amount).
New entries among the world of entertainment include music executive and television producer Simon Cowell, film and TV star Hugh Bonneville and Danny Boyle, director and producer of smash hit movies like Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire.
Full of evocative summaries of radio shows and personalities and impressive for its exhaustive coverage, this 2-volume encyclopedia has been revised with new entries and some corrections.
Earlier this summer Cook set the record for the most new entries by an artist in the 50-year history of the Hot 100, with 11 songs entering the chart dated June 7, 2008.
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