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Browse the 2015 New Media Awards Winners: http://www.
New Media has approximately $2 million in assets, including almost $1 million in cash, and is expected to generate revenues of between $4-5 million to PLATO's fiscal year ending Oct.
com and B12, the Hunter Realty Organization is now at the vanguard of a new group of full-service real estate firms that have developed services specifically tailored to the New Media industry.
The much-lionized emergence of the new media has also drawn on the human resources and skills of the downtown art world, creating some accomplished new art sites like ada 'web (http://adaweb.
The first consequence of that proposition is simple: those who will best use New Media for commercial communication will be those who know how to influence a media you CANNOT control -- as opposed to buying your way into a controllable media.
Agents perform much the same services in the new media as in the old, striking deals for creative artists and the entities with the means to produce and distribute their work.
The New Media Awards promotes the best standards and practices in information marketing for the evolving new world of new media communications .
NEW YORK, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the New Media Institute (NMI) has announced that its 2015 New Media Awards Competition is now open for early bird submissions (reduced entry fee) until March 16[sup.
The fact that Hunter was founded around: the first wave of new media in Manhattan has given us several mutual frames of reference: We know what it is like to lease an office and quickly expand the business beyond the space.
The 2012 New Media Awards Competition has become all inclusive and it is expected to be the most exciting and interesting of NMI's competitions yet.
NEW YORK, March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --The New Media Institute (NMI) has opened its 2012 New Media Awards Competition for early submissions (reduced entry fee) through March 31st.
The survey, conducted by HLW International LLP, one of the world's largest architecture, engineering and interiors firms, showed that these new media companies expect to grow on average by about 60 percent in staff size over the next year; that 40 percent of them have inadequate office space where they are; and that fully 25 percent of them are being deterred from needed hiring by space limitations.

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