New Public Management

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New Public Management (NPM)

forms of management that import techniques from business and private industry into the public sector. This form of management emphasises ‘value for money’ (VFM) as well as techniques such as TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM). Sometimes these methods lead to full PRIVATIZATION. See also AUDIT
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Working outside of the confines of digital government--but nonetheless in a complementary manner, Stoker (2006) presents three co-existing typologies of public sector governance that depict these tensions and their implications: traditional public administration (TPA), new public management (NPM), and public value management (PVM).
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Under this theoretical background, this paper proposes the new public management efficiency improvement method based on parallel database oriented optimization management information system.
Over the past three decades, several changes have taken place globally, from technological innovation in industry like Automation to reform in Public Sector Governance such as New Public Management.
Therefore, this modernization stage is precisely described by Samier (2005:82) who states that the objective of the new public management reforms, as an administrative ideology, was to return the political power from bureaucrats, as part of an overall strategy of retooling the state along the market principles (the three E's of economy, efficiency, effectiveness that have replaced the three C's of traditional administration, conduct, code of ethics, and culture).
No impeto da reforma do Estado e tendo como modelo a New Public Management do Reino Unido, comecaram a ser introduzidas algumas alteracoes no funcionamento da Administracao Publica (Harfouche, 2008).
New Public Management (NPM) constituents, as expressed by Hood (1991, 1995) in two of the most extensively quoted works in public sector research literature, classify seven important fundamentals:

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