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news reader

A browser program which enables a user to read articles posted to Usenet. Articles may be stored in a local (or NFS-mounted) spool directory, or retrieved via NNTP.

Examples are rn, GNUS, and nn.
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A newsreader is either a stand-alone application or a function built into the Web browser that is used to read messages from syndication feeds such as RSS and Atom. Also called an "RSS reader," "news aggregator," "feed viewer" or "headline viewer," some newsreaders provide a search for syndication feeds and newsgroups, as well as local email messages, contacts and other files.

Originally for Usenet
Newsreaders were first created for Usenet, the Internet-based discussion groups that existed a decade before the Web came about. The newsreaders were command-line Unix utilities such as pine, nn, rn and tin. Graphics-based newsreaders were subsequently developed for Windows and Mac, and newsreader functionality was later incorporated into Web browsers and email programs. See Usenet, newsgroup, RSS, syndication format and digital newsstand.

A Stand-Alone Newsreader
The Headline Viewer newsreader aggregates selected feeds, shown on the left. The feed's articles are at the top, and the article's page is rendered below. For more information, visit
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Chinese news readers may have some new competition -- artificially intelligent robot anchors that can mimic human facial expressions and mannerisms while reading out reports.
He worked at the Bombay Radio Station from 1937 to 1941, before he was transferred to Delhi where he became a news reader. During the Second World War, Shakeel Ahmed mesmerized his listeners with his golden voice across the sub-continent through news reading.
However, another Web site, Waffles at Noon, debunked the report, although a lot of Filipinos thought the veteran news reader deserved being banned in The Land of the Rising Sun as well as from national television.
You cannot have news readers presenting sports coverage.
Zite, a news reader application that aggregates content for tablets such as iPad, was bought by CNN in 2011, with reports at the time saying the deal was worth some USD20m (EUR14.6m).
CLOSER to home, the not-so-great British sandwich is chewed up and spat out in news reader Alex Thomson's investigation.
To start using the Florida Supreme Court RSS news feed, people first need to download an RSS news reader (sometimes called a news "aggregator") that displays RSS content.
The N800 features a full-screen QWERTY keyboard, VoIP support, an RSS news reader and a media player in a 7.3-ounce package.--Nokia
Others tipped for the jungle include actress Malandra Burrows and former BBC news reader Jan Leeming.
The simple way to monitor blogs is to subscribe to them using a free desktop-monitoring service such as an RSS news reader.
However you first need to install an RSS news reader, also called an RSS news aggregator, to interpret the feeds.
Traction software provided a news reader function and real time chat capability.