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the reworking by an editor of an author’s work for publication or for broadcasting on radio or television. Editing may be political, scholarly, or literary. In practice, however, the editing of new works is a single creative process that aims to perfect the content and form of the work while preserving the author’s individuality. Editing of literary or scholarly works in the preparation of authoritative texts consists of compilation, establishment of a definitive text, and the preparation of reference material.


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He won more than 40 major journalism awards, and was named "Master Reporter" by the New England Society of Newspaper Editors.
Rwanda has arrested a newspaper editor on charges of genocide denial and stirring ethnic hatred less than a month ahead of August's presidential election, Reuters quoted police as saying on Saturday.
A newspaper editor has thanked Twitter users as he declared victory in a battle over the right to publish details of a Parliamentary question.
Parson Brownlow, newspaper editor and Methodist preacher
There he engaged in a bitter controversy with a newspaper editor and with Baylor University.
Help get Earth Talk into your community by asking your local newspaper editor to visit our informational page at: www.emagazine.com/Earth Talk/Earth Talk_letter.html.
A NEWSPAPER editor accused on a US website of being a British Army spy hit back at the claims last night and said: It's all lies.
Johnson; and legendary newspaper editor John Sengstacke.
SPJ and the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors (FSNE) called on the University of Miami to support a student newspaper editor for his principled stand in support of freedom of the press.
newspaper editor. Born in Scotland, Bennett came to America in 1819 and settled finally in New York City.
It seems to me that if I were a newspaper editor I would be more concerned, in view of television reporting, with seeing to it that my coverage of those events, which were also televised, would henceforth put as much emphasis on background and analysis as on cold reporting.
Summary: Former newspaper editor Piers Morgan has been defending Jade Goody following criticism for making her cancer battle so public.

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