night latch

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night latch, night bolt, night lock

An auxiliary lock having a spring latch bolt which functions independently of the regular lock of the door; may be opened by a knob or handle from the inside but only by a key from the outside.
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In addition, the Texas DTPA, the lease and state statutes called for the landlord to furnish locks and latches and to install a night latch if requested.
Tenders invited for Night latch & pad brass locks of 6 & 7 leversequivalent suitable for inside opening doors , 35 mm to 45 mm thick.
Tenders are invited for Special repairs to Night latch / window Grills and Providing Grill door for E type houses in DAE Township, Kalpakkam.
Tenders invited for Godrej make 7 lever night latch (rim lock) with 3 keys(full set) steel body with scratch resistant