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nitro group,

in chemistry, functional groupfunctional group,
in organic chemistry, group of atoms within a molecule that is responsible for certain properties of the molecule and reactions in which it takes part. Organic compounds are frequently classified according to the functional group or groups they contain.
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 that consists of a nitrogen atom joined to two oxygen atoms. Compounds that contain a nitro group, e.g., picric acid and trinitrotoluene (TNT), are called nitro compounds; many nitro compounds are unstable and are used as explosives. As a result of the chemical bonding in the nitro group, the nitrogen atom is positively charged and each oxygen atom has a partial negative charge. For this reason the nitro group has a powerful attraction for electrons. Many of the chemical reactions of nitro compounds are due to this electronegativityelectronegativity
, in chemistry, tendency for an atom to attract a pair of electrons that it shares with another atom (see chemical bond). For example, the molecule hydrogen chloride, HCl, consists of a hydrogen atom, H, and a chlorine atom, Cl, sharing a pair of electrons.
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 of the nitro group.
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From the observations it can be deduced that the nitro groups containing binding sites are neither so hard as in oxides, which prefer hard metal ions, i.
Spectra of FTNPEM was showed remaining moderate stretching vibration peaks of nitro groups (N=O) at 1344 cm -1 and 1543 cm -1 and the carbonyl (C=O) stretching vibration peak at 1744 cm -1 [11,12].
The third stage was related to the absence of six nitro groups, while the fourth stage was related to phenethyl and fullerene [14].
H values for the1,4-DNB is expected as the two nitro groups are farapart.
two nitro groups are present close to each other and hence it is difficult for them to be inone plane.
Dipole moment of compound 16 having bulky substituents like carboxylate, sulphonic and nitro groups at 2(2?
Its known that the acid-strengthening effect of the nitro group is greater in the para position due to the negative charge of the phenoxide ion is delocalized onto an oxygen of the nitro group and therefore PNF is more acidic than MNF.
A nitro group consists of three atoms--one of nitrogen and two of oxygen--that act as one.