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see furfuralfurfural
or furfuraldehyde
[Lat.,=bran], C4H3OCHO, viscous, colorless liquid that has a pleasant aromatic odor; upon exposure to air it turns dark brown or black. It boils at about 160°C;.
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(furfuran), a heterocyclic compound; a colorless liquid, with a chloroform odor and a boiling point of 31.33°C. A large group of organic compounds, many of which are of practical

value, are derived from furan, for example, furfural, tetrahydrofuran, and 2-methylfuran. Furan is obtained primarily from furfural. It is an intermediate product in the synthesis of tetrahydrofuran; it is also used in the preparation of pyrrole, by a reaction with NH3 in the presence of Al2O3.


(organic chemistry)
One of a group of organic heterocyclic compounds containing a diunsaturated ring of four carbon atoms and one oxygen atom.
C4H4O4 The simplest furan type of molecule; a colorless, mildly toxic liquid, boiling at 32°C, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and ether; used as a chemical intermediate. Also known as furfuran; tetrol.
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One of the most recent instances included Belgium authorities issuing a rapid alert in February detailing the presence of nitrofurans and furazolidone in Indian shrimp products.
The agents are nitrofuran, malachite green, and gentian velvet, which have been found to be carcinogenic to laboratory animals; and fluoroquinolones, which when used in food animals may increase antibiotic resistance in humans, the agency said.
European food regulations make it illegal to use nitrofurans in the food processing of animals because it could increase the risk of cancerandtheywere banned in 1995.
It is illegal under EU law to use nitrofurans because of the cancer risk, but the danger from one meal of it is considered low.
The move came after two samples of Brazilian poultry shipped to Northern Ireland were found to contain traces of nitrofurans.
A simple method for detection and analysis of carcinogenic nitrofuran compounds and their metabolites by combining chromatography and spot mutation tests.
Now we can detect a drop of nitrofuran in a full swimming pool," said quality control manager Lu Yongsheng of Xinchang Meat, one of the nine Shandong companies.
Samples of canned pork meat produced by a famous brand in Shanghai have been found to have carcinogenic chemicals including nitrofuran and malachite green, the Center for Food Safety said.
It is thought more than 4,500 birds have been contaminated by nitrofuran.
Cancer-causing malachite green has been found in mud carp, turbot and garoupa, while the banned antibiotic nitrofuran has been found in bream.
Traces of a nitrofuran - a banned veterinary medicine - were discovered in products such as breasts, thighs and drumsticks from Tesco, Waitrose and Morrisons.