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KEY WORDS: cerebellum, DNA damage, granule cell, HN2, MAM, methylazoxymethanol, nitrogen mustard.
Treatments currently available for early-stage CTCL, such as nitrogen mustard and carmustine, are generally applied daily to the patient's whole body; this can be a time-consuming and difficult task for many patients, especially those who live alone.
Qualifying treatments included light therapies, electron beam irradiation, photopheresis, interferon, systemic cytotoxic chemotherapy, topical nitrogen mustard, and topical carmustine.
During the Second World War scientists at the establishment, set in 6,000 acres of countryside in Salisbury, Wilts, carried out research on chemical weapons such as nitrogen mustards and biological agents including anthrax.
Nitrogen mustards have not been produced in substantial quantities, and they have some medicinal use as anticonvulsant agents (29).
Ethanolamines - iMethod[TM] for the analysis of bio and environmental markers for nitrogen mustards in water