nitrogen-fixing bacteria

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nitrogen-fixing bacteria:

see nitrogen cyclenitrogen cycle,
the continuous flow of nitrogen through the biosphere by the processes of nitrogen fixation, ammonification (decay), nitrification, and denitrification. Nitrogen is vital to all living matter, both plant and animal; it is an essential constituent of amino acids,
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A clearer knowledge of indigenous nitrogen-fixing bacteria is thus essential for the understanding of the ecological consequences of native biodiversity for legume production (Tamimi 2002).
The most significant driver for increasing populations of nitrogen-fixing bacteria was the availability of crop residues with high C:N ratios, such as cereal residues.
Researchers in Arkansas, though, have found an adverse impact on symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with soybeans after treatment with glyphosate.
The resulting nitrogen-fixing bacteria were isolated and examined in relation to a related experiment on the rhizosphere of other grasses such as Spartina.
Some of these nitrogen-fixing bacteria form partnerships with green plants, which provide them with a specialized shelter called the root nodule.
Some catalogs suggest adding nitrogen-fixing bacteria as a soil inoculant, but inoculants don't include all strains.
His most recent work on the genome of photosynthetic nitrogen-fixing bacteria was highlighted in Science magazine and his research efforts regarding the sources of fecal bacteria in water have been widely published, including a mention in Time magazine as a key contribution to environmental microbiology.
Washington, March 17 (ANI): Reports indicate that a new lentil is being readied for the market, one which has a lot to offer, like high seed yields for growers, nitrogen-fixing bacteria for wheat crops, and a tasty source of protein for consumers to add to soups, salads and other fare.
This great explosion" is how John Howieson of Murdoch University in Australia describes the abundance of new discoveries of nitrogen-fixing bacteria found in legume nodules in recent years.
com), soil nutrition formulas, and beneficial soil-organisms such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria and mycorrhiza have been packaged for garden use.
However, incorporation of small amounts of inorganic nitrogen does not inhibit nitrogen fixation by non-symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Kanungo et al.