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1. (of animals) active at night
2. (of plants) having flowers that open at night and close by day


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Nocturnal means of or belonging to the night. In classical astrology, particular planets were classified as nocturnal or diurnal, no matter where they were in a horoscope. In contemporary astrology, planets are nocturnal if they are located below the horizon (in houses one through six). Many astrologers believe that planets above the horizon line show their influence more in the public sphere whereas planets below the horizon are more private, but this distinction clearly breaks down when considering planets in such locations as the twelfth house (a largely private house situated above the horizon). The expression nocturnal arc refers to the distance, expressed in degrees and minutes of a circle, that a planet traverses between its setting in the west and its rising in the east. Classical astrology also classified signs as diurnal (the masculine signs) and nocturnal (the feminine signs). Contemporary astrologers no longer use the expression nocturnal sign.


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Active during the nighttime.
(science and technology)
Occurring during the nighttime.
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The appropriate time to introduce NIV in patients with nocturnal hypoventilation syndromes is another issue that has generated considerable interest.
Fasting plasma glucose variability could be a marker for risk of nocturnal hypoglycemia, according to an analysis of data from more than 7,500 patients treated with insulin detemir for type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
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Objective: To integrate the quantitatively existing evidences on nocturnal asthma and their association with [beta]2-adrenergic receptor (Arg16Gly and Glu27Gln) polymorphism.
The funds will be used to start Phase three trials with APL-2 in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, a chronic blood disorder, and advance development in other indications.
According to reporter Thursday, Mohammad Yasin Malik in a message from Central Jail, Srinagar said, 'We also condemn the nocturnal raids on the residences of JKLF leaders including Master Sheikh Mohammad Afzal of Trehgam, Mohammad Yasin Butt, Hazratbal, and Zahoor Ahmad Butt by the police and harassment of their families.
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